Ceramic Pad Insulation For Turbine

INDOBELL INSULATIONS LTD. established way back in 1972 and since last four decades IndoBell is standing tall as a totally professional & committed company for solving and advising on the needs of the industry for Thermal Insulation specializing in spray on technique on the turbine cylinders together with the latest accepted Ceramic Fiber Blanket technology.

With the introduction of latest technology the insulation application of turbine cylinders with Ceramic Fiber Blankets has become eminent world wide. The Ceramic Fiber blankets application in power and steel sector has revolutionized the concept of insulation.

Methods of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation:

Cleaning the surface properly with wire brush manually.

Providing and fixing of SS Stud by welding SS Nut on Turbine casing at a pitch of 250 – 300 mm where ever required.

Providing and applying the desired thickness ( As per customer’s parameter) of Ceramic Fiber Blankets on top and about 20% more thickness at the bottom casing to be applied in multiple layer of 25 mm/ 50 mm each and every layer to be tied with SS Wire. After 3/4 layers of 25 mm thick C.F. Blanket the insulation is wrapped with fiber glass cloth which can withstand 10000C and then same is secured by inserting washer through the stud and is tighten with the help of nut.

After achieving the desired thickness finally the entire surface is covered by a coat of Special Refractory coating i.e. KC 2000 to protect the insulation from dust and atmosphere and can withstand up to 10000C.

Advantages of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation:

•Ceramic Fiber Blanket is environment friendly and doesn’t create any health hazard.

•Ceramic Fiber Blanket can be properly fixed through the stud and compacted to the turbine body.

•Ceramic Fiber Blanket can be cut very easily in any shape and size without destroying the blanket & its insulation properties.

•During shut down the blankets are easily removed and they are not damaged except top one or two layers and bottom layer in other words about 75% of Ceramic Fiber Blanket can be reused without any problem and retaining its original insulating value.

•The surface of insulation is absolutely uniform because blankets don’t require paint as KC 2000 is smooth enough.

Till date we have carried out insulation application on more than 150 units spread across the length breadth of the country.


IB Thermal Power Station, OPGCL, Jharsuguda

Vedanta Aluminum Company Captive Power Plant , Jharsuguda

Reliance Power Plant, Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh

TATA Power, Trombay Mumbai.

BHEL, Eastern Region

BHEL, Western Region

NTPC, Talcher

NTPC, Super Thermal Power Plant Talcher

NTPC, Korba

NTPC, Simhadri

Maharashtra State Electricity Board

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board

Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board


Torrent Power, Sabarmati, Gujrat

Reliance Energy, Dahanu, Maharashtra

UP State Electricity Board, (Obra Thermal Power Plant)

Patratu Thermal Power Station, Patratu, Jharkhand

Barauni Thermal Power Station, Bihar

CESC, Kolkata.

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