Modular Ceramic Fiber Lining

The most unique & innovative application in terms of Joint-less Ceramic Fiber lining was introduced by Nutec Bickley having a World Patent. In India, a JV company was formed with Wesman Engineering for Indian operation. Indo-Bell has been appointed as their only approved applicator in India. The following are a few details on the Joint-less Lining.
Jointless System 

• The patented ceramic fiber Jointless modules (US Patent 6,422,862 B1) for temperature up to 1,350ºC (2,462ºF), provides for minimal maintenance, fuel economy, and extended service life.

• The Jointless system consists of monolithic ceramic fiber modules engineered to cover a complete furnace wall, door, or roof. It’s a one-piece construction continuously shaped with Ceramic fiber blanket folded and anchored. The Jointless modules not only eliminate the joints between smaller modules (as commonly found in Ceramic fiber linings) but also eliminate the gaps typically located around the flues which require higher maintenance.

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